Xtreme LED, IP65 Non-Corrosive fitting with opal diffuser.

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Xtreme LED

IP65 Non-Corrosive fitting with opal diffuser.

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High efficient LED IP65 fitting with white body and LEDopal diffuser.

  • Over 100 luminaire lumens per circuit watt 
  • All polycarbonate housing
  • LEDopal diffuser
  • 3hr maintained emergency version
  • Stainless steel clip option
Part Code Description Luminaire Lumens
XTREME-10-LED-S 600mm 10w 1230
XTREME-22-LED-S 1200mm 22w 2717
XTREME-27-LED-S 1500mm 27w 3222
XTREME-31-LED-S 1800mm 31w 3760
XTREME-19-LED-S 600mm 19w 2150
XTREME-36-LED-S 1200mm 36w 4228
XTREME-40-LED-S 1500mm 40w 4753
XTREME-47-LED-S 1800mm 47w 5552
XTREME-20-LED-T 600mm 20w 2260
XTREME-46-LED-T 1200mm 46w 5373
XTREME-54-LED-T 1500mm 54w 6576
XTREME-68-LED-T 1800mm 68w 8059
XTREME-36-LED-T 600mm 36w 4050
XTREME-66-LED-T 1200mm 66w 8033
XTREME-67-LED-T 1500mm 67w 8160
XTREME-95-LED-T 1800mm 95w 11533