XtremeLED-IP66, Non-corrosive with increased IP rating 

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Non-corrosive with increased IP rating 


Non-corrosive with increased IP rating and maximum light transmitting diffuser. All polycarbonate construction.

  • Acrylic and ABS body available for oily environments
  • IP66 rated
  • Over 120 luminaire lumens per circuit watt
Part Code Description Luminaire Lumens
XTREME-23-LED-S-IP66 1500mm 23w LED - Single body 3151
XTREME-45-LED-S-IP66 1500mm 45w LED - Single body 5770
XTREME-54-LED-T-IP66 1500mm 54w LED - Twin body 7562
XTREME-67-LED-T-IP66 1500mm 67w LED - Twin body 8832