Automated Lighting Control - Actilume

Automated Lighting Control - Actilume

Actilume is a simple to fit, automated, lighting control system designed to conserve energy and maintain comfort levels in small to medium size installations such as cellular and open plan offices and school rooms.

The system consists of "Master" luminaires incorporating the Sensors and a Controller Unit, linked to a maximum of 8 "slave" luminaires designated as either "window row" or "corridor row" units.

Factory pre-set levels in the Controller Units ensure even lighting by offsetting the dimming levels between the "rows" avoiding the cost & complication of programming & commissioning.

Outstanding energy savings of up to 75% are achievable and with system payback within 3 years possible, a quick return on investment is assured.

The system can be easily customised with the facility to adjust settings, install remote movement sensors & manually control the dimming function with either push-to-make switches or a hand held remote.

Actilume can be integrated with most luminaires that are fitted with DALI regulating ballasts.
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