Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a vital part of safety and security where lives maybe at risk in the event of an emergency evacuation. It is then that reliability becomes a potential lifesaver.

All our emergency lighting products use only leading brand components and are 100% tested after assembly. Our standard adaptation methods feature throughout the range and are denoted by the suffixes /SC3, /TC3 and /EM3.

SC3 - Intergral, 3 Hour Maintained, Emergency Conversion
Unless otherwise stated, all the emergency components are contained within the luminaire.

TC3 - Integral, 3 Hour Maintained, Emergency Conversion for High Ambient Applications
Environments where the luminaires are subjected to onerously high temperatures, place extra stress on integral components and batteries. /TC3 versions incorporate high temperature components to withstand room ambients up to 30°C.

EM3 - Self-contained (remote), 3 Hour Maintained, Emergency Conversion
The module and Ni-Cad batteries are housed in a separate steel enclosure connected to the luminaire by a 0.5m flexible conduit.

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