Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

By having control over a lighting installation you control the cost of energy used by the installation. You also have the ability to ensure that sufficient light is available when and where necessary to optimise comfort, safety, productivity and mood. Investment in lighting control provides some or all of the following benefits

Energy Saving " perhaps the biggest positive both for the user and the environment. By optimising available natural daylight and occupancy levels, dramatic savings and quick ROI can be achieved.
Improved comfort levels " the ability to raise and lower the level of light to suit changing tasks and the age and personal preferences of the occupants.
Scene setting " the ability to create, store and call up groups of light ing to suit operational requirements for example in retail, lecture theatres and conference rooms and to change "moods" in restaurants and hotels.

Powerlite offers 3 standard lighting control options

Fully configurable lighting control systems

Enables fully automated lighting control using daylight linking and occupancy detection.

Switch Dimming:
Simple hands on dimming control by push-to-make switches

Lumisaver is our Occupancy Detecting Luminaire Switching System (Patent Pending) offering huge energy savings.

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