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Integrated emergency downlight for use alongside Panels, downlights etc.

Data Sheet


  • Complete with plug and play batteries
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery technology
  • Complete with 3 lens options (antipanic, eccape route and spot)
  • 5 year warranty on downlight
  • 3 year warranty on batteries
  • Spacing tables available


DL-EM LED Characteristics


DL-EM PhotometricDL-EM PhotometricDL-EM Photometric


DL-EM Dimensions
Technical Details View Technical Details Hide Technical Details
Part Number Description Replaces Weight
Circuit Watts (W) Board Lumens Luminaire Lumens * Ll/cW
DL-EM-B-1-65K 1W NM Downlighter 50W Halogen 0.19 1 115 115 115
DL-EM-B-2-65K 2W NM Downlighter 50W Halogen 0.19 2 206 206 103.0
DL-EM-S-2-65K 2W NM Self Test Downlighter 50W Halogen 0.23 2 206 206 103.0
DL-EM-P-2-65K 2W NM DALI Downlighter 50W Halogen 0.23 2 206 206 103.0


Options and Accessories View Options and Accessories Hide Options and Accessories
DL-EM-LK Spare Lens Kit
ME Add to part code for Medium lens
FL Add to part code for Flood lens
SP Add to part code for Spot lens
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