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Our HygrowLED horticultural fitting has a modular design to make it easy to scale
to production.

Data Sheet


  • IP65 Welded Aluminium Body
  • Integral Passive Thermal Control
  • Osram Oslon LEDs
  • Range of Spectral Outputs Inc Custom Blends
  • Up to 1200 Micromoles – 3.03 µmol/j
  • Supplemental and Sole Source Options
  • Linear Version Available


HYGROWLED LED Characteristics


HYGROWLED Dimensions
HYGROWLED Dimensions
HYGROWLED Dimensions
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Part Number Description Weight (kg) Circuit Watts (W) μmol/S μmol/J
HY160P 160W Hygrow Professional 3.50 160 400 2.5
HY320P 320W Hygrow Professional 4.70 320 800 2.5
HY480P 480W Hygrow Professional 6.20 480 1200 2.5

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