Product Description

The SecureLED has been designed to be very robust and secure. Ideal to be used in high risk areas. It provides the highest quality of uniformly distributed light.

Data Sheet


  • 1.2mm Thick Steel
  • Polycarbonate LED Diffuser
  • Integral Emergency Option
  • Stainless Steel Security Screws
  • Night Light
  • IK10 Rated
  • Cornice Version Available


SecureLED LED Characteristics


SecureLED Photometric


SecureLED Dimensions
Technical Details View Technical Details Hide Technical Details
Part Number Description Replaces Weight (kg) Circuit Watts (W) Board Lumens Luminaire Lumens LI/cW
SEC-14-LED-4K Vandal Resistant 300mm Luminaire 2 x 9W PL 2.4 14 1875 1250 89.2
SEC-29-LED-4K Vandal Resistant 900mm Luminaire 55W TC-L 4.8 29 3883 2580 89.2
SEC-46-LED-4K Vandal Resistant 1200mm Luminaire 2 x 54 T5 6.2 46 7032 4720 102.6
SEC-45-LED-4K Vandal Resistant 1500mm Luminaire 2 x 49 T5 8.0 45 7216 4810 106.8
COR-27-LED-4K Cornice 1200mm Luminaire 2 x 54W T5 6.2 27 4443 3332 123.4
COR-46-LED-4K Cornice 1500mm Luminaire 2 x 49W T5 7.5 46 7160 5442 98.9
Options and Accessories View Options and Accessories Hide Options and Accessories
EM Integral Emergency (1 Watt)
EMST Integral Emergency Self Test (1 Watt)
CLR Clear Diffuser
WL Wireless Control System
3K 3000K Colour Temperature
5K 5000K Colour Temperature
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